Sharing knowledge and expertise, providing exceptional service, delivering best value.

For over two decades we have helped translate the aspirations and ideas, concepts and designs of our clients, their architects and designers into best in class furniture products, solutions and settings.

Knowledge & expertise

Sharing our knowledge, expertise and insight into how furniture products come together to create exceptional workplaces. Every project we work on is unique but with many sharing common goals:
+ Collaboration & communication
+ Employee wellbeing
+ Staff attraction and retention
+ Improving performance
+ Improving space utilisation and flexibility
+ Agile working
+ Sustainability
+ Best value

Exceptional service

Our continuing mission is to provide the highest possible levels of service not just for the initial project but throughout the lifecycle of our customers furniture installations. Service delivery across all disciplines:

+ Audits, consultancy & specification
+ Space planning, design and visualisation
+ Procurement and delivery scheduling
+ Installation & project management
+ Warranty management
+ Top ups & change management
+ Refurbish, refresh, reuse

Our success is rewarded by a customer list second to none and one of the highest customer retention rates in our industry.

Best value

Consistently winning some the highest profile and competitively fought furniture projects across the UK together with unrivalled financial robustness, we negotiate the best possible pricing for our customers, not just for the project but ongoing. Delivering best value however is about more than just best price, it’s about understanding and negotiating the most favourable all-round package of service, terms and conditions which include:

+ Cost certainty
+ Minimising risk
+ Extended warranties
+ Payment terms
+ Contract terms
+ Leadtime commitments
+ Delivery prioritisation
+ Manufacturing contingency